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Understanding The Benefits Associated With Full-Arch Restoration

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Understanding The Benefits Associated With Full-Arch RestorationA full-arch restoration procedure encompasses the replacement of several teeth at once with the support of dental implants. It is beneficial to individuals who, due to various reasons, miss all or most of their teeth. It is also considered more cost-effective in comparison to having individual dental implants fixed. The procedure entails fixing a permanent denture using very few dental implants to set the base.

Full-Arch Restoration Benefits

Full-arch restoration has more benefits than other tooth replacement alternatives. Unlike tooth-supported bridges and dentures, full-arch implants are permanent. A dentist custom-designs the arch based on a patient's specifications and the arch resembles natural teeth. This aids in ensuring one has a confident smile.

Another benefit is that no special care is needed for the denture. Just like natural teeth, they will need brushing as well as flossing on a regular basis. Besides, a patient regains total oral function. One can eat comfortably without worrying that the denture may slip out.

Lastly, full arch restoration guarantees a healthy jawbone after the procedure. The fixed implants will aid in stimulating the jawbone, hence guarding against atrophy.

Full-Arch Restoration Procedure

A full-arch procedure uses dental implants along with screw-retained restorations to bring up the appearance and functionality of a full mouth's teeth. Undergoing a full-arch restoration will need one surgical appointment. An oral exam is done and the patient's health history is reviewed. Additionally, 3D scans or X-rays will be recorded to determine the appropriate treatment options. Once the mode of treatment has been determined, the patient is given an appointment date.

During the surgical procedure, anesthesia is given. Any remaining teeth in the jawbone get extracted first after which dental implants are fixed strategically. The extractions can be made on the same day. After placing dental implants, the gums get stitched and temporary dentures are put in place.

The fixed implants are given a few months to first integrate into the jawbone. The restorative dentist then prepares a permanent denture that is custom-designed. The permanent denture is fixed once the surgical sites have fully healed.

If you need more details about full-arch dental implants, contact us today. Our dental care professionals are ready at all times to provide detailed dental reviews and proper treatment.

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