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We Can Help Put Avulsed Teeth Back In

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Dr. Shaun Rai
We Can Help Put Avulsed Teeth Back InAvulsed teeth are those that have been dislodged from the socket. It is important to treat avulsed teeth because it can result in necrosis and hypoxia of the tooth pulp. If you have avulsed teeth, we can help put them back in. Come to our offices immediately for emergency care since the success of this procedure mainly depends on how soon the tooth is put back in.

Avulsed Teeth Treatment Options

When you come to our offices with an avulsed teeth problem, we will first flush the socket to clean it; we do so by washing away the debris. In most avulsed teeth problems, the repair is as simple as inserting the tooth back in the socket. However, it is recommended that this procedure is done less than an hour after the accident. Alternatively, if the tooth has been out for too long and cannot be simply put back in, we might use the root canal procedure. This is a more advanced procedure that will fix the avulsed tooth. However, we highly recommend that you come to our offices as soon as possible for easier and simpler treatment options.

When using the reinsertion method, we first clean the tooth with saline solution to get rid of any bacteria on it. The tooth is then placed in a storage medium before the reinsertion process. If you are traveling a distance to get to our offices, you should pack the tooth with sterile gauze. Our professionals will splint the avulsed tooth by using composite materials and a soft wire to attach it. The tooth will reattach within three to four weeks, especially if the bone around it wasn't damaged during the accident. However, if the bone was damaged, the reattachment process might take longer. In that case, you will have to schedule regular appointments to allow our professionals to conduct regular checkups to ensure your avulsed tooth reattaches properly. Visit our offices for more information on how to deal with avulsed teeth.

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