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Can I get a Filling Instead of a Root Canal?

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Can I get a Filling Instead of a Root Canal?It can be painful to perform tasks such as chewing due to tooth decay. When considering options to treat tooth decay, it is understandable that most people seek the simpler solution of filling their teeth. The difference between a tooth filling and a root canal is that it treats a small cavity by removing the decayed area and filling it with filling material like gold, amalgam, or ceramic. On the other hand, a root canal is done when the pulp of the tooth also gets infected. Therefore, whether to get a filling or a root canal will depend on how severe your infection is.

When to get a Tooth Filling

A tooth filling will be recommended in the early stages of tooth decay. The goal of a tooth filling is to restore the aesthetic appearance of the tooth and its functionality. Your dentists will clean out the infection and prevent extended damage to the tooth. Therefore, a tooth filling is done when the damage has not extended past the enamel.

Is a Root Canal Avoidable?

A root canal has several benefits. It clears away bacteria, stops the pain, and saves the tooth. A root canal prevents further damage to the soft tissues of the tooth. Early detection of a tooth cavity is treated with a filling. However, when the infection is detected to be close to the tooth's pulp, a root canal is more advisable. If you fill a tooth that requires a root canal, you are being counterproductive since it does not stop the whole pulp from being infected. It is important to remember that a filling is done for cosmetic and functional purposes. But if the nerves get infected, the functions of the tooth will be compromised because of pain.

What if There is no Pain

The absence of pain does not mean an absence of an infection. Once your dentist assesses the pulp of your tooth and notices damage, a root canal is unavoidable. Otherwise, the infection will spread to the roots and cause pain.

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