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I Am Old, Should I Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Dr. Shaun Rai
I Am Old, Should I Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal?Wisdom teeth are the third and last set of molars to develop in the mouth. They usually emerge between teenage and adulthood, precisely between the age of seventeen and twenty-five. Wisdom is generally related to age thus the name wisdom teeth because the teeth develop at a more mature age. When they come out there is usually not enough space in the mouth for them to develop fully. This may lead to impacted wisdom teeth, overcrowding of teeth, and more complications.

Before Extraction

A dentist will examine you and advise on how to treat your wisdom teeth but in most cases, they are extracted to avoid future complications as you age. If wisdom teeth seem to pose a problem, it's good to extract them at a young age as it's much easier.

When to Extract Wisdom Teeth

For impacted teeth or overcrowded ones, tooth extraction is recommended. Wisdom teeth that are growing incorrectly can push the other teeth, causing them to overcrowd. Removing the wisdom teeth can help in straightening the other teeth.

Evidence of pain, tumors, gum disease, cyst, and infections may also necessitate wisdom teeth extraction. However, if your wisdom teeth have grown healthy and fit in correctly in the mouth, you may keep them. However, they demand close monitoring, brushing and flossing correctly, and regular dental visits.

Removal at Old Age

You ask yourself how safe it is to extract wisdom teeth in your old age. When you try to imagine the process, goose pimples appear on your face. Well, you don't have to fret about extracting wisdom teeth. Problems associated with wisdom teeth in old age are far more complicated or painful than actual teeth removal.

Obviously, healing of any kind takes a much longer time in old age than in our youth days. Nonetheless, it's possible to get your wisdom teeth extracted in old age and keep a healthy mouth. Visit us for professional wisdom teeth extraction!

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