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Is it painful to have a gum graft procedure

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Dr. Shaun Rai
 Is it painful to have a gum graft procedureGum grafting is a procedure done for patients with gum recession or thinning gum issues. This procedure is done to cover exposed teeth and also adds to the volume of your gum line. Most gum diseases are often caused by similar issues that might seem petty. If you think gum grafting is painful, wait until you develop gum disease. However, the procedure of gum grafting is not painful. Periodontists use local anesthetics to reduce the pain and numb the affected area. You may instead feel some movement and pressure as your periodontist performs the procedure.

What happens during the procedure

There are many gum grafting techniques. The most common method used by periodontists is taking the tissue from the roof of your mouth and moving it to the area of recession. During the surgery, the periodontists first give you anesthesia that numbs your teeth and gum in the area. Then, an incision is made and a small flap in your gums is created thoroughly cleaning your teeth roots. After this, the periodontist harvests a small wedge of inner tissue from the roof of your mouth. This is done by creating another incision and removing a part of the inner tissue leaving the outer layer intact. Next, your graft is placed over the exposed roots or the area of recession. Finally, the periodontist repositions your gum tissue, stitches it and you are good to go. The stitches used often fall out on their own therefore you do not have to worry about the removal. Regular dental visits are however advisable.

Managing the recovery pain

During the recovery process, it is normal to experience pain and discomfort. This pain can however be managed using medications that help in relieving pain. Some examples of pain relievers are acetaminophen and ibuprofen. You should also not disturb the surgical site by poking with your tongue or fingers, eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, and avoid foods that could irritate the area. Our dentists are also responsible for the prescriptions hence the patient is sure to use the right prescription. Feel free to visit us today.

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