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Can You Go Swimming When You Have Dental Surgery?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Older man in a dental chair holding up a hand mirror and looking at his new dental implants at Rai Oral Surgery & Dental Implants in Virginia Beach, VAHaving oral surgery is crucial for functional, health, and aesthetic benefits. After the surgery, there are strict post-operative care instructions that you have to follow to ensure a smooth recovery experience. If you have recently had dental implants or another surgery like bone grafting and reconstructive jaw surgery, you might wonder if you can get into activities like swimming. As much as you would want to get back to normal life as soon as possible, you might not be able to do that. You need rest to allow the body to recover from the operation. Certainly, you will not engage in swimming after your surgery, no matter how much you love the activity.

Why Not Go Swimming?

When recovering from oral surgery, you are asked to avoid indulging in any water-related activity. The surgical site is healing and complications can develop. Also, you are requested to keep off from strenuous activities for some days. The reasons why you won't go swimming are because it can result in:

An Infection

The open wounds of the oral surgery are likely to be infected when you go swimming in a chlorine pool or other water bodies. The chemicals and other contaminants, including bacteria, can risk getting an infection and could delay the healing.

Dislodging of the Clot

Another reason is that the water may dislodge the blood clot. Swimming involves movements and changes in pressure, both of which can easily dislodge the clot. As such, you could have a dry socket, which is very painful.

How Long to Wait?

For minor surgical procedures, you can wait about 24 hours before going swimming. However, for major procedures like wisdom tooth extraction, you have to wait for roughly two weeks before you indulge in strenuous activities like swimming. Visit our oral surgery office today to gain more understanding about oral surgery and its aftercare instructions.

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