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Your Sinuses Could Lead to Tooth and Jaw Pain

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Your Sinuses Could Lead to Tooth and Jaw PainIf you feel pain in a tooth, you assume that it is caused by a problem with the tooth. Even if the pain is in your jaw, you think it is because of something around the jaw. You do not usually think that a problem in your sinuses can lead to a pain in your tooth and jaw, but that is possible.

There are plenty of reasons for the connection between the sinuses and tooth or jaw pain. Understanding those reasons can help you resolve the pain you feel.

The Connection of the Sinus and The Jaw

The sinuses are in the cheekbone. The cheekbones are in the upper jaw. It is because of that connection that the sinuses can have an impact on the way your jaw feels. When you have a sinus infection, you are going to feel pressure in your sinuses. That jaw feels that pressure as well. When the pressure from sinusitis happens, it can lead to pain in the jaw.

Because of the connection between the teeth and the jaw, the teeth are impacted by the sinuses in the same way the jaw is. The pain you feel from sinusitis is often mistaken for a problem with the tooth. While it is possible for a diseased tooth to cause the sinusitis that is relatively rare.

How to Diagnose the Problem
It is very easy to miss the fact that the sinuses are behind the pain in a tooth. A diagnosis involves a little bit of connecting the dots and an easy test. Connecting the dots involves thinking about whether you have had a cold or if you suffer from chronic sinusitis. If this is the case, you can perform a test to see if this is why you have tooth or jaw pain.

You can test this by tilting your head by bending over. Or you can move your head in an up and down walking motion. If you feel an increased amount of pain in the tooth or jaw when you do this, it is a sign that the toothache comes from the sinuses.

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