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What Are the Most Common Jawbone Treatments?

Posted on 7/20/2019 by Dr. Shaun Rai
What Are the Most Common Jawbone Treatments?Our office helps people with a variety of problems Some people suffer issues that involve their jaw While many people think that all we deal with are problems with their teeth there are some common types of jawbone treatments that can help people.

Some of the problems can interfere with the ability to lead a normal life. It is possible to resolve many of these issues with the right type of treatment.

Bone Grafts

Over time, people can lose some of the bone in their jaw. The loss of bone is the result of different things. The most common reason for loss of bone in the jaw is the loss of teeth. When a tooth is no longer in place, bone tissue does not grow and that means a person starts to lose bone.

If a person wants to get dentures or implants to replace the lost tooth, they may not have enough bone tissue for the procedure. The solution to that is a bone graft that will help add more bone tissue and can stimulate bone growth.

Ridge Modifications

When there are deformities in the jawbone due to periodontal disease, birth defects or trauma, one treatment option is ridge modification. During this treatment the gum is pulled away from the jawbone to expose the defect. It allows for a bone graft that can help improve the appearance of the jaw.

Sinus Augmentation

This type of treatment helps elevate the sinus floor. This can help with the growth of bone tissue in the jaw. The procedure is typically done before implants are put into place. It helps provide a more secure place for the implants.

Many of the treatments involving the jawbone center around replace bone tissue that has been lost for one reason or another. They help restore the health of the jaw and help with overall oral health.

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