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When You Need Wisdom Tooth Care, Call on Us

Posted on 8/25/2019 by Dr. Shaun Rai
When You Need Wisdom Tooth Care, Call on Us Before we get to why you should call us, we should explain what wisdom teeth are. Wisdom teeth are basically another molar. There are two major differences between regular molars and wisdom teeth. The first is that wisdom teeth typically don't come in until you are an adolescent and secondly, you don't need them. Wisdom teeth are left over from early hominids who probably needed them before tools were invented. Now they just do nothing or cause problems. Typically, patients have us remove their wisdom teeth. Though it is not always necessary, they can cause problems. They can become impacted, which means as they are erupting something stops them and as they keep growing, they do so at an angle towards the other teeth which affects them. They can also get infected, can loosen your other teeth, cause periodontal disease or cause other issues with your oral health.

What Can You Do that My Dentist Can't?

We recommend that you come to us for several reasons. First, if you come to us initially when your wisdom teeth start to come in, we can determine if it will cause problems as it grows. Though your dentist can also do this, your dentist may not have the tools needed to fix the problem, depending on what it is. If you see us first, you eliminate the need for two exams and two appointments. The next reason to see us is that depending on the condition of the wisdom teeth and its placement in your mouth, you may need more than local anesthesia to get it out. We are able to put you under full sedation. We are oral surgeons and can handle any problem that may arise during and after the oral surgery. If you think you have wisdom teeth coming in, give us a call we'll be happy to take a look.

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