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Dangers of Being Sick During Oral Surgery

Posted on 10/10/2019 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Dangers of Being Sick During Oral SurgeryDuring cold and flu season, we often get asked about the safety of having oral surgery while being sick. Many people worry about how to proceed, and if they should keep their appointment. There is no simple yes or no answer to this question. A lot will depend on the particular surgery you need to have done and what illness you currently have, among many other factors. Here are some guidelines to help you decide and to keep top of mind.

Self-Examine Your Symptoms

If you are feeling hesitant about putting off a medically necessary procedure or cancelling an appointment that has been scheduled for months, there is a set of criteria oral surgeons will consider making the determination of going ahead with surgery or rescheduling due to your conditions. You can also use some basic criteria of your own to self-examine your own symptoms.

While a mere head cold may not be serious enough to reschedule your surgery, some of the symptoms associated with common illnesses should be considered before deciding if now is the right time to go forward with oral surgery. These include, having a hard time breathing, if you feel the cold moving from your head to your chest, if you have spiked a fever or feel nauseas and/or vomiting, and if you have a persistent cough.

Keeping Your Dental Appointment

Any one of these symptoms, or have been diagnosed as contagious, it is important that get in contact with your oral surgeon to discuss the best course of action. In some cases, the dental office staff will be able to ascertain pretty quickly, your safety, for continuing with oral surgery. In some instances, it may be best for you to come in for a routine exam and let the oral surgeon who will perform your surgery, meet with you.

If you need oral surgery, contact us today to arrange a confidential and personalized consultation and exam to learn more about how oral surgery treatment solutions can address your specific concerns around your oral health and hygiene.

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