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How Dental Implants Help Keep Your Jawbone Strong

Posted on 11/10/2019 by Dr. Shaun Rai
How Dental Implants Help Keep Your Jawbone StrongBone deterioration in the jaw happens with age. It can also occur when you lose a tooth to an infection or injury.

Dental implants are a great way to not only preserve bone health, but also stimulate alveolar bone growth so that the gums retain their shape and you can chew easily without wearing out the TMJ.

How does Bone Density Decrease?

As mentioned above, bone density in the gums decreases when a tooth is lost, and it leaves behind a cavity. In the absence of a tooth's root to stimulate its growth and nourish it, a bone quickly loses density and begins to shrink. Not only does bone density around the missing tooth decrease, even surrounding teeth begin to lose structural integrity and they may fall off. This results in more bone loss around the gaps left behind. This leads to an ultimate weakening of the jawbone.

How do Dental Implants Help Keep the Jawbone Strong?

Dental implants arrest the deterioration of bone by filling in the gap left behind by natural teeth. However, for dental implants to be effective, you need to visit a dentist early. Research shows that the jaws can lose up to 25% of their bone strength within the first year of tooth loss. Implants with crowns attached help maintain the jaw's natural lines. This enables a correct bite.

It is worth knowing that other tooth replacement alternatives such as dentures and dental bridges cannot prevent bone loss in the jaw. Permanent dental implants function like natural teeth and exert the same amount of pressure against the bone. This stimulates bone growth and keeps it healthy.

If you're faced with issues of bone loss in the jaw, then you must act fast. Dental implants become difficult to insert into bone that has lost too much density. The solution then is to go for a bone graft. This may be avoidable for you. Call us today to learn more. Let us help you retain your ability to speak coherently and chew effectively.

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