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Devices That Could Minimize Your Sleep Apnea

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Devices That Could Minimize Your Sleep ApneaPeople suffering from obstructive sleep apnea have a range of devices to choose from that can minimize the condition and allow them to sleep soundly.

Which are Some Commonly Used Devices to Treat Sleep Apnea?

Mouth devices can be made to order or purchased over the counter. A Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) is not unlike a mouth guard that sportspersons wear. It helps keep the tongue stable and prevents the soft palate from sagging thereby keeping the air passage clear.

A tongue retaining device is another example of a mouth device. It is not as comfortable as MAD, but it does the job and keeps the airway clear. As a rule of thumb, devices purchased over the counter do not offer as good results as custom devices do.

Pillows are a commonly used device to bring down the number of apnea incidents during sleep. Position pillows can be used with a CPAP machine or independently. Foam wedges that elevate the body from above the waist facilitate an open airway and prevent the soft palatal tissue from collapsing.

CPAP is yet another device that is prescribed for minimizing sleep apnea. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) consists of a mask and a machine that blows air at a regulated pressure to keep the airway open. CPAP devices are silent and compact. However, nasal congestion and a dry throat are common side effects with these.

Dental devices are another recourse available to people who wish for uninterrupted sleep.There are many devices that should ideally be fitted by a dentist. We can help you select the most appropriate device for your condition, taking into account the severity of the condition, existing health problems, shape of the jaw, and your own opinion.

Our experience has given us insight into the positive features of each of the many options available, whether ready-made or custom built. Let us help you sleep better.

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