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ow To Grow Your Own Bone Graft

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Dr. Shaun Rai
ow To Grow Your Own Bone GraftGrafting is a concept that is not unknown to many people. The most known type of graft is when one individual gives a part of their body, most often a body organ such as the kidney, to another individual as a graft. In dental surgery, however, bone grafting is the process through which a piece of bone typically of the jaw or the hip is inserted into the jaw as a graft.

Why the Need For Grafting?

Over time, with repeated use and sometimes trauma, the jawbone weakens. Sometimes gum disease may spread to the jawbone, causing weakening. Other times, however, it may be a malignancy or a metastasis that affect the jawbone. Subsequently, there is weakening, which may lead to lose of teeth and the architecture of the face. Before implanting dentures, the jaw has to be reinforced as well.

In such instances there is need to give the jaw reinforcement in the form of a bone graft which will serve as an anchor. A bone graft will then serve as a strong reinforcement for the already weakened jaw.

How Is It Done?
A part of the hip bone or jaw is inserted into the weak area and allowed to grow. This process relies heavily on the body's ability to regenerate when given the right conditions. The grafted bone is allowed to have a blood supply which causes it to regenerate into new bone.

The process is done right here in our office and the client allowed to go home. The healing process is allowed for a week or so, at which time the in grafted bone begins to fuse on the surrounding tissue, thereby regenerating.

If you are looking for a natural way to restore your jawline, this might just be it. Bone grafting is all-natural working to reconstruct your facial architecture and strengthen your jawline. For more information, give our office a call.

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