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Things to Keep in Mind During Sinus Lift Recovery
Posted on 7/6/2020 by Rai Oral Surgery and Dental Implants
Things to Keep in Mind During Sinus Lift Recovery

If you or someone you know has recently had a sinus lift performed, there are a number of things to consider during the recovery period, particularly when it comes to otherwise benign activates or simple daily habits.

No Holding Sneezes or Blowing Noses

Believe it or not, more people than you may realize hold in or pinch their nose when sneezing. This is not only a bad habit in general, it is an exceptionally bad idea following sinus lift recovery as it creates a short but significant increase in sinus pressure. Another thing that people do which otherwise would be fine is blowing their nose. While there is nothing wrong with this in itself, and, in fact, is a generally considered a hygienic habit, it too causes too much build up in the sinus cavities than is acceptable while recovering from a sinus procedure.

Changing Your Habits

Spitting is already one of the less attractive habits one can engage in besides smoking. After a sinus lift, such things as this which may be second nature can now also have an adverse effect on recovery. This is also true of drinking out of straws as well, which some people do every time they have a beverage. Even hobbies and vacations need to be carefully considered during the post-procedure period. Flying in a plane or scuba diving can also increase sinus pressure and should therefore be avoided during recovery also.

To get a better understanding of how to properly recover from a sinus lift or other similar procedures (or even if you haven't had one yet but would like to learn more about it) get in contact with our offices at your earliest convenience. You can give us a call or just stop by in person.

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