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What Makes an Extraction Complicated to Where Oral Surgery Would Be Necessary?

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Dr. Shaun Rai
What Makes an Extraction Complicated to Where Oral Surgery Would Be Necessary?When it comes to extracting a tooth, just as with any other medical or dental procedure that a patient may go through, the range of severity and difficulty can vary greatly. While not only our patients, but also our dentists and oral surgeons themselves would prefer each and every removal to be quick and simple, that unfortunately cannot always be the case. In the instances where oral surgery is required, however, our skilled and trained dental care professionals are more than capable of handling the process as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. Here are a few examples of why this method may be required:

Severe Infection, Inflammation, Abscess or Fracture

This is the first thing that comes to mind as a reason that a tooth removal would require a more serious procedure such as oral surgery. When a tooth is badly infected, abscessed or broken, it becomes much more difficult and significantly more painful to extract, requiring that the patient be given the proper sedation in order to complete the procedure.

Significant Overcrowding

If the tooth is impacted or severely crowded in with one of more others, and definitely if it hasn't even broken through the gum line, these issues would be no brainers as far as oral surgery being the necessary method of removal. When the mouth has extra or crowded teeth in it, they must be removed in order not to interfere with the functions of the teeth which are in the proper locations.

To see exactly how your tooth extraction would best be taken care of, give us a call here at our clinic office to speak with one of our dental practitioners directly, as well as to schedule a visit for a more in-depth exam and consultation.

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