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Times of the Year You Are Most Prone to Oral Injuries

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Times of the Year You Are Most Prone to Oral InjuriesJust as with everything else, there are seasons throughout the year when it is more common to see dental injuries than others. By taking a few minutes to discuss it here with our readers, we hope to both do our part to help them take preventative measures, but also to provide them with a place to come when these occurrences simply prove unavoidable. Whether it is something that has already happened but hasn't yet been treated, or it is something that may happen in the future, here are a couple of times when we see the most instances of these types of dental issues.


This is the most common time of year for any type of dental injury as full contact sports and activities are usually in full swing. It is also when children are out of school and out and about with their friends, roughhousing and going off on various outdoor adventures. Accidents on the playing field and other slips and falls are quite frequent.

Late Fall Through Early Winter

Believe it or not, the next on the list for times of the year when we see most of our patients is the holiday season. As it gets dark at its earliest, people are often times walking through areas with less lighting than they are used to, coupled with the fact that they are traveling to and attending numerous functions in places that they may not be familiar with.

Whether or not it is one of these or any other time of the year, if you have an oral related injury, the time to get it looked at is right now. Don't delay as these problems simply do not correct themselves, and will only get worse the longer you put it off. Contact our office to speak directly with one of our staff members and we will get you in and taken care of ASAP.

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