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Write Down Questions to Bring With You Before Your Oral Surgery

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Write Down Questions to Bring With You Before Your Oral SurgeryIf you are going to have oral surgery, you need to know what to expect, You can do this more easily by thinking about your primary surgical concerns and writing them down. Below are 3 questions you should ask when preparing for an oral surgical procedure.

1. What medicine will I need post-operatively and what are the possible complications or risks?

When planning for oral surgery, ask about the medications you will need before the procedure. Make sure you have them on hand, in easy access after the surgery, as you will need the medications for after-surgical pain. Make sure you know the risks of the surgery. Ask about dry socket, pain or infection during recovery and find out how you can prevent these outcomes.

2. Will I need to arrange for transportation and how many minutes should I arrive before the surgery.

If you will be choosing general anesthesia when undergoing surgery, you will need get a ride home with a friend or relative. Ask about the sedative or anesthetic that will be used and see if you will need to plan for transportation. Give yourself a 20-minute leeway before your scheduled appointment time.

3. What can I eat before and after the surgery?

We usually ask patients not to eat or drink anything before an oral procedure. This is done to reduce the risk of aspiration during the procedure. After the surgery, we will provide you with a list of what you can eat and drink. Prepare to go to the grocery in advance so you can have the foods on hand you are allowed to eat. Stick mainly to soft foods, such as scrambled eggs, soups, pudding cups, and yogurt. Avoid highly spicy foods or acidic foods and choose liquids, such as tea, milk, or water.

It pays to ask questions if you will be going through oral surgery. By asking the right questions and being prepared, you can go through the process with less concern.

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