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Does Ice Help Ease Swelling After Oral Surgery?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Does Ice Help Ease Swelling After Oral Surgery?It is common to have swelling after oral surgery. In most cases, swelling peaks 2-3 days after a procedure, and it can be an uncomfortable part of the recovery process. Even though it is impossible to avoid this natural, bodily reaction, there are several ways through which you can reduce swelling after oral surgery. One of them is by using ice.

Using Ice

Ice has proven to be effective in easing swellings. You can use cold ice packs to manage swelling and discomfort for the first 24 hours after oral surgery. Wrap an ice pack or a few ice cubes in a towel to prevent the cold ice from being in direct contact with your skin. How you use the ice pack determines its effectiveness in reducing swelling. The best way to do so is to hold the cold ice source against the outside of your face, and nearest to the area of surgery.

Hold it in that position for around 15 minutes. It's recommended that you follow a cycle of 15 minutes; keep it on for 15 minutes and off for the same duration. However, if you had oral surgery on both sides of your both, use the 15 minutes cycle to alternate between these areas. Ice is mainly effective in reducing swelling during the first 24 hours; after that, it becomes less effective. After that period, the best way to reduce the swelling is using heat.

Another way of speeding up recovery after oral surgery is resting. It is important that you rest after undergoing surgery. This is because overexerting can dislodge the blood clots that gradually form as you heal. Furthermore, resting allows your body to focus on healing the surgery site. Visit our offices for more information on how ice helps reduce swelling.

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