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How Can You Detect That Wisdom Teeth Are Arriving?

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Dr. Shaun Rai
How Can You Detect That Wisdom Teeth Are Arriving?Did you know that the wisdom teeth are appositely named because they erupt as young people advance to adulthood, whereby they are considered wiser individuals? These third molars come in through the gums in the late teen years. Often, the roots are firmly established before you hit the 20s. That is why we advise our patients to get their teeth removed by their mid to late teen years. This way, there is less complication in extraction. An X-ray offers the best way of determining if the wisdom teeth are erupting, but there are other signs to signal their arrival.

Jaw Pain or Headaches

When wisdom teeth attempt to push through the gums, you already have 28 teeth in the mouth. As such, there is not much space left for this set of molars. In most cases, wisdom teeth try to force their way into the mouth by pushing the rest of the teeth. When this happens, pain develops in the jaw and it may radiate throughout the mouth, particularly if several of these teeth are erupting. You may also experience pain when you open and close your mouth. Headaches also occur because the teeth are pushing against the sinuses. It is a good idea to look at your mouth to determine if wisdom teeth are coming in, especially if you are having unexplainable sinus pain.

Swelling of Gums at Back of the Mouth

Perhaps you have experienced mild irritation of the gums at some point. It reminds you that you should be vigilant about your daily brushing and flossing. However, when you have irritation and swelling occurring in the back area of the mouth, it could be due to the arrival of wisdom teeth. If you are expecting your wisdom teeth to come in, pay attention to pain occurring in the back area. If the gums become swollen and reddened, it may be a sign that the third molars are trying to get their way through.

Repeated Misjudged Biting

If you notice that you are inadvertently biting on the inside region of the cheek or your tongue, it may be due to wisdom teeth coming in. The teeth may have pushed their way unnoticeably. Often, as the teeth come in, they move other teeth from alignment, so you will most likely be not used to the new location of those teeth. Even a slight shift can make you misjudge your bite. If you have these indicators for wisdom teeth eruption, visit our office. We will examine the teeth to see how they are erupting and determine if you need any intervention measures. Schedule a consultation.

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