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Bone Grafting And Why You Might Need One

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Bone Grafting And Why You Might Need OneAfter looking at different kinds of restorations for missing teeth, you have decided to go the dental implants route. But a consultation with a dentist ends with a recommendation that you have to undergo a bone graft. Why? And what does it mean to undertake this bone grafting surgery?

What is Bone Grafting?

It is a common procedure whereby an oral surgeon places artificial bone or actual bone picked from another part in the mouth into the region that requires bulking up. The body naturally grows bone as the jaw heals over the next months. The implanted bone graft fuses with and develops into the original bone, helping it increase its volume to allow a better foundation for dental implant placement.

Jawbone Health

The force created on the jawbone from chewing keeps it healthy. It stimulates the jawbone to allow it to continue growing. If there is no stimulation, the alveolar bone of the jaw specifically begins to break down because minerals are sent elsewhere. It is this alveolar bone that serves to anchor the teeth. Sadly, it starts to erode the moment your natural teeth are lost.

Why Get a Bone Graft

Without sufficient bone, a dentist or oral surgeon cannot place dental implants because they may have problems integrating with the jawbone or the implants could fail early. It is for this reason that you may need bone grafting before the installation of dental implants. You are likely to undergo bone grafting if you have had missing teeth for a long time.

Infection or trauma may also lead to a defect within the jawbone. Since the walls of your front teeth sockets tend to be thin, they may have difficulties regenerating on their own. If you have a large or low sinus cavity, you may need it lifted to restore the height of the bone that is needed for implant placement. To find out more about bone grafting surgery, contact our Oral & Maxillofacial specialist. Book an appointment.

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