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Disadvantages of edentulism in prosthodontics

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Disadvantages of edentulism in prosthodonticsAll prosthodontics techniques should be to restore and protect natural dentition. However, every operative procedure does cause damage, both visible and also invisible within the tooth. It is therefore imperative that great care, meticulous attention to detail, and the requisite time is taken to maximize respect for the remaining tooth structure, and not too much is cut off the teeth to make room for crowns and veneers.

By planning the ideal tooth shapes, we always use templates and guides to ensure that we only prepare the teeth as much as is necessary for the materials being used and no more. Advanced prosthodontics is the lesser of two evils and if teeth require restoration and protection then modern techniques and materials are provided by our practitioners.

Extremes in edentulism

There is also a great temptation sometimes to remove teeth and replace them with dental implants. This decision must be made with great care as dental implants can also have their problems and a natural tooth, wherever possible, should be kept as long as it is restorable. We go to great lengths to restore teeth which can often be maintained successfully for many years when others may prefer to extract teeth and place dental implants.

This decision is made always with the patient's best interests in mind rather than just expediency or worse, financial considerations. Aside from the biological cost, there is also a financial cost. Dentistry is a very expensive business providing bespoke, time-consuming attention. However financial and time pressures are certainly a disadvantage of advanced prosthodontic techniques. This brings us back to the main issue which is prevention is always better than cure and ideally, as time goes by, better prevention techniques in our institution reduce the need for extensive dentistry in the future.

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