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Common Signs that you Need Emergency Dental Care

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Common Signs that you Need Emergency Dental CareIt's scary to think about needing emergency dental care, but there's always a chance that you might suddenly need help for many reasons. You may have a missing or broken tooth or notice an infection in your teeth or gums. You might also have severe tooth pain that doesn't go away on your own. Below are some common symptoms that suggest you need emergency dental care.

Severe Tooth Pain

You may experience dental pain throughout the day for many reasons, including exposure to hot or cold conditions. Sometimes your teeth can feel too much pressure when you eat. While many toothaches may feel normal and go away within minutes, sometimes those problems can persist and will not go away even if you continue to use pain medication.

Severe and constant dental pain can come from a broken tooth or an infection; thus, the patient will require emergency dental care to determine the possible cause of your pain and how we can treat the problem.

Swelling in the Area

Swelling is another common problem, as it can signify that your body is responding to an infection. You will need immediate attention if you notice swelling in your mouth, as it may be a sign of a condition that could spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream.

Gums That Bleed Easily

Bleeding is a common sign of gum disease or infection. While some bleeding after brushing or flossing may occur, such bleeding should only be occasional and minimal at best. Any situation where bleeding is too heavy and continues to happen will require immediate emergency help to prevent a possible infection from worsening. In general, do not ignore any of the above signs if they happen and seek emergency dental care to help diagnose the problem and provide solutions to your dental health.

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