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Tips For Smooth Jaw Surgery Recovery

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Tips For Smooth Jaw Surgery RecoveryOrthognathic surgery, often known as jaw surgery, is an effective procedure with many advantages for patients. However, it needs a long time to recover. You must assist your body's healing process after surgery. Below are tips for a smooth recovery after jaw surgery.

Drink Your Meals

Depending on the procedure, you might need to stick to a liquid diet for a predetermined amount of time after your jaw surgery. Your liquid diet may help to lessen unnecessary pain while also reducing the usage of your jaw.

Though your liquid diet doesn't have to be restricted to water, juice, and milkshakes, you can make anything into a liquid meal with a proper juicer or blender, including stews, soups, apples, carrots, and bananas.

Manage Swelling

After jaw surgery, some swelling is expected. You can control it by maintaining an elevated position for the first 48 hours after you return home (extra pillows can help you do this). Additionally, for the first few days, using cold for 20 minutes at a time can minimize swelling. You may gradually include heat into your regimen to ease and relax your jaw after a few days.

Remain Hydrated

Even though you won't be as active as usual while recovering, staying hydrated is still crucial. Your body will recover as rapidly as possible with its aid. You may help yourself stay adequately hydrated by keeping a water bottle accessible and paying attention to your intake.

Keep Pain Under Control

Your doctor will prescribe to help manage your pain, it is advisable to use a warm compress on your face to ease any discomfort. You may use heat therapy to alleviate inflammation as well as pain.

You may be at risk for constipation due to your prescribed painkillers and restricted diet. Make sure to drink lots of water and consider including prune juice in your regular fluid intake to keep things flowing to avoid this unwelcome side effect of your jaw surgery.

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